SYSTEM4 - you provide the space, we have the design solution!

SYSTEM4 SYSTEM4 is an exclusive Swiss Engineered Furniture System made of steel and glass that follows any of your furnishing ideas and concepts. There is almost no limitations to find a design solution no matter what the space situation: SYSTEM4 stands out through very high flexibility and astonishingly easy assembly. Grow with it, change, redesign - SYSTEM4 is ready for your changes as you need them!
Download the free Configuration Tool and design your solution on any computer and view in 3D right away - this will take the guess work out of your furniture project!
Is it time to arrange your files, books, collectibles and give them the placement they deserve?

SYSTEM4 is Modern, Functional, Durable, Sustainable & Swiss-engineered Top Quality! No harsh chemicals or glues are used in manufacturing; there is no sagging of shelves and overall little and recyclable packaging materials are used resulting in very limited discards. And when broken down to components, extremely little space is required if you need to move!